Monday, 25 Jan 2021

How to Create True Loyalty

If you want to create customer loyalty you must appeal to true human emotion. Follow your heart in building customers’ loyalty not strictly based off numbers and what some companies would label as  “best practices.”

Plato once said  that “only a man who is just can be loyal, and that loyalty is a condition of genuine philosophy.”

As a loyalty expert myself  I look at creating loyalty from the lens of human relationships.

Take the relationship we have formed with family and friends for example. Loyalty to our loved ones and those most dear to our hearts is earned or acquired  often times over a span of years and not simply given.

This emotional bond is based off a series of interactions and experiences that had shared values like integrity and respect.

That right there, that sums it up.  A series of interactions and experiences…and this is what our customers’ loyalty is  truly all about.

Customers are loyal to the brands that focus on their user experience not only their monetary value.  To develop a long sustainable brand, the marketing team must study each interaction with the customers clearly and make it joyful and an integral moment for the customer.

Let’s look at an example: If you are buying an iPhone from Apple. Do you think abut what it is that truly differentiates this brand from the almost identical competitor? It doesn’t often cross our minds as the brand has successfully, time and time again  provided (you ,) the customer with a product  or more so a service that’s reliable. They also ensured that the user experience from the moment you considered buying to the moment after purchasing is full of joy and trust.

Today many brands have created what they deem a necessity in building customer loyalty; a rewards program. This can be the ultimate error in judgment.

Companies should be more concerned with the overall user experience.  They must try to put themselves in their customers shoes and truly learn what it is that makes them get out of bed in the morning. Think of these customers as your best friend and your most prized possession. Learn what they are passionate about and what fuels them to purchase your product.  Work really hard on every touch point that will impact the customer . Put all of the touch points together and build a journey for the customer. Don’t treat each touch point in isolation from the other,as mentioned it is a journey that marketers should be ready to explore alongside with the customers.

Customers are expecting integrity and respect, these are the same values that built this emotional bond between you and your family or friend.

Therefore companies that focus on understanding everything about their customers succeed in delivering upon their needs and expectations.

Rewards programs are an essential player in the multitude of items that will create loyalty. But true loyalty i

Remember to always relate your loyalty journey to that of human emotional intelligence

Loyalty Guy

Our leader is an international loyalty expert who has worked in loyalty and retention for 15 years. He has designed over 5 loyalty programs from scratch, revamped 3 loyalty programs and launched several programs for fortune 500 companies to help them increase retention and loyalty of their customers. His experience is well diversified across several industries which makes him unique in the knowledge he can share with everyone around.

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