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Determination leads to Success


This analysis examines T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s rhetoric—specifically his commitment to determination, disruption, and customer-oriented. 


A business leader with unlimited determination, Legere challenges the wireless industry every day to improve it for the consumers. According to Statista T-Mobile the number of subscribers increased by more than double from 33 million in 2010 to 86 million by 2019 (S O’Dea). In an article by Kaja Whitehouse in the NEW York POST, Legere questioned the setup of the wireless industry and why customers were locked into a 24 months contract while they can’t complain or get out of bad service. He said “We are either going to take over this whole industry, or these bastards are going to change, and the whole industry is going to shift. I don’t give a goddamn which. I can’t wait to watch the peckers scream and cry” (Legere). As a determined leader, Legere had a significant impact on T-Mobile’s future, acted on his words to action, and changed the wireless industry landscape.

Legere, a market leader, delivered innovation to an industry that hadn’t provided proper value for money in many years. In 2013 he introduced the Un-Carrier initiative (T-Mobile), removing any contracts with T-Mobile, improving network quality, and offering to pay $350 for AT&T and Sprint customers to terminate their contracts and join T-Mobile (The Verge). Q4 2013 was T-Mobile best quarter in eight years, with an addition of 1.6 million customers compared to 32,000 lost customers in the previous quarter (Jacob Kastrenakes). T-Mobile added 4.4 million subscribers in 2013 and won CNN’s best Tech company in 2014 (David Goldman).

Legere’s speech in 2014 at the CES event inspired T-Mobile employees and leadership (Geek Wire); however, competition criticized Legere. In 2015, Richard Feloni, a Senior Contributor with Business Insider, wrote, “Legere has taken Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile from a struggling mobile carrier known for subpar coverage and service to the third-largest and fastest-growing carrier in the US” (Business Insider). However, according to Alex Sherman, a Technology Reporter at CNBC, Marcelo Claure, former CEO of Sprint tweeted in 2015, “I am so tired of your Un-carrier bullshit when you are worse than the other two carriers together. Your cheap misleading lease” (Claure). This battle continued, and in 2016 Claure responded to Legere’s criticism of Sprint’s marketing campaign and tweeted back, “You truly are a con artist. Good luck” (Claure). Although the fierce competition in the market, Legere was well respected and highly appreciated by consumers with all changes he introduced in the market.

While contentious, John Legere succeeded in making a big shift in the market and forced Verizon and AT&T to follow. In 2015 Verizon followed T-Mobile and removed the service contracts as Antonio Villas-Boas, Senior Contributor with Business Insider, wrote ‘Verizon takes a step in the right direction by killing contracts” (Business Insider). In the same year, according to David Goldman, Assistant Managing Editor at CNN wrote: “AT&T is doing away with two-year contracts” (CNN). Goldman explained, “Two-year contracts have become virtually extinct, as cell phone companies look to end expensive phone subsidies”. Legere, in a video on T-Mobile YouTube channel, attacked both market leaders Verizon and AT&T after their changes and called them “dumb and dumber” in a message to (SEC) and the customers (Richard Feloni). Determination and hard work pay off when coupled with a strategy and vision. People challenge new ideas, but those who stand up for theirs and believe in them, manage to reach new horizons and become the leader everyone aspires to be part of their journey.


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