Monday, 3 Aug 2020

YouTube is down

YouTube service is down globally. This is confirmed by many users on the internet and this is no doubt this is going to be very bad for google. The stock will tank and the revenue loss will be significant from this… read more

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AMC theaters could End MoviePass business

MoviePass allows members to watch a number of movies a month for a subscription. The business has been struggling for a while due to the increased cost of their business model.

MoviePass leaders have continuously made changes to their business model in hopes to decrease the cost of the program. It started by ending the unlimited watch option which enabled their members to watch an unlimited number of movies every month.

Then moved to capping the number of movies you can watch per day and per month.

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Steps before Loyalty Development

First Steps in Building a Loyalty Program

How To Build a Loyalty Program?

In this article we will cover the guiding principles for Building a Loyalty Program and if companies should invest in developing one or not!

let’s start by mentioning that in the US alone consumers have more than ONE billion rewards memberships…Imagine how many company was able to take steps needed in building a Loyalty Program! read more

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Amazon Prime Shows Loyalty to customers that are on $99 annual plan

Amazon used a different approach this time to show loyalty to existing annual paying members. But also decided to make this decision a profitable one as they always do.

Amazon announced on Friday announced that it has raised the monthly Amazon Prime membership rate from $10.99 per month to $12.99 per month, an increase of 18%. Amazon was quick to note, however, that the $99 annual membership fee for Amazon Prime will remain the same. Students who were paying $5.49 per month for access to Prime will now be charged $6.49.

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How to Create True Loyalty

If you want to create customer loyalty you must appeal to true human emotion. Follow your heart in building customers’ loyalty not strictly based off numbers and what some companies would label as  “best practices.”

Plato once said  that “only a man who is just can be loyal, and that loyalty is a condition of genuine philosophy.”

As a loyalty expert myself  I look at creating loyalty from the lens of human relationships.

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10 things to do in the beginning of the fiscal year

A budget is the numerical representation of a chain of reactions, which consequently means that your performance in month one has the biggest effect on your performance in the following months.

Hence the objective of this document is to support you with “the starting tips” that would ensure a strong beginning of the fiscal year, especially for B2B oriented businesses, with no further delay, the tips are:

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5 Career lessons middle managers can learn from Soccer

One of the biggest mistakes middle managers do is treating their middle management years with the same mentality they used to have when they started their professional career.

During those years, you should treat your professional life the same way a world class brain surgeon deals with his moves during a major surgery, simply because you are approaching the top the pyramid, and there no enough seats for everyone.

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